•  Net additional production over seven months is more than 1,550 BOE (20:1)

ELS Restimulation Data


  •   Permian Basin: drilled in 1959, completed into the Wolfcamp in 2006
  •   Well Type: vertical/unfrac’d


  •   Treated with 1,500 gallons of nanoActiv® HRT in May 2018


  •   Oil production stabilized around 9 bbld for the first 5 months after treatment and around 8 bbld after seven months.
  •   Gas has fluctuated between 80-90 MCFD on average post-treatment.
  •   Water production continuing to decline after initial spike.

Daily oil production has sustained more than double BOPD for 7 months post-treatment and counting.

BOPD for 7 months