A History of Success

Based in Houston, Texas, Nissan Chemical America Corporation is a division of Nissan Chemical Corporation founded in Japan in 1887. A forerunner in chemical innovations for more than 130 years, Nissan Chemical has been perfecting nanoparticle technology since 1951, making it one of the first companies in the world to produce highly surface-modified colloidal particles for industrial applications.


Key Benefits

nanoActiv® | Enhancing Hydrocarbon Recovery

Key Benefits

Benefit Attribute Factors nanoActiv® Technologies Leading Microemulsion Generic Surfactant
Speed of Oil Production Production performance enhancement
Potential for early oil to surface
Longer lasting production with lower percentage decline rate
Persistence Duration effectiveness longer when compared to conventional treatments
Effectiveness at Different Temperatures 90–175º F
175–275º F
275–350º F
Foaming Ability to reduce foaming
Mechanical vs. Chemical Approach Wedge effect — disjoining pressure

  Applicable   Not Applicable   Unknown

HRT vs EFT Relative Positioning

Potential Application Areas nanoActiv® HRT nanoActiv® EFT
Flowback Agent
Water Block

  Applicable   Not Applicable


nanoActiv® is made in the USA · Patented in the US and other countries