•  Oil production has increased by 3× BOPD

  •  Gas production has increased by 3.3× MCFD

Buda Well A Oil 2019 Update


  •   The Buda Well is a horizontal, open-hole completion which was drilled in 2011 in Frio County, Texas with an initial production rate of 140 BOPD of oil and 1,400 MCFD of gas. By 2017, 30 days prior to the nanoActiv® treatment, the well had fallen to an average of 2 BOPD and 30 MCFD.


  •   The Buda Well was remediated in 2017 using a nanoActiv® HnP treatment where ~2,500 gallons of nanoActiv® HRT blend was injected into the reservoir. The nanoActiv® HRT blend was pushed by 1,600 MSCF of N₂.


  •   Post-treatment, the well increased oil production to 11 BOPD for 150 days. At 1,000 days post-treatment, the to-date incremental recovered volume is approximately 11,600 BOE. The well continues to produce more than 3x MCFD of gas than before treatment.

* Data sourced from DrillingInfo.com