A History of Success

Based in Houston, Texas, Nissan Chemical America Corporation is a division of Nissan Chemical Corporation founded in Japan in 1887. A forerunner in chemical innovations for more than 130 years, Nissan Chemical has been perfecting nanoparticle technology since 1951, making it one of the first companies in the world to produce highly surface-modified colloidal particles for industrial applications.



Please go to Site Settings > Beta Features and enable “Liquid Markup” and “Render page as JSON” as shown on a screenshot below:

Beta Features *You may need to re-login for the changes to be applied

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Before clicking “Calculate Cost” or “Start Migration”, please perform the following actions to avoid errors and reduce the migration cost:

  1. Remove any unused items/content/files from the BC site
  2. Make sure there are no double spaces in names of modules/files/folders/items
  3. Web App names must have English letters and numbers only, no special characters (/, ? &, #, etc.)
  4. Migration to a live Treepl site is restricted.

Further assistance available

“BC to Treepl” performs at least 80% of manual work.

You can always request help from Code Production team to finish up the remaining pieces. The final results would be delivered to you fully tested in every browser and platform.

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* Limited offer for Partners only: 50% off on every migration (ends January 31st, 2020)

Item Type Quantity


  • Conversion(All BC and Liquid tags into Treepl’s Liquid tags)
  • All content holders
  • All workflows
  • All dynamic menus
  • All FAQ’s
  • System emails (Converted into Treepl’s format)
  • All FTP files and folders
  • Ad rotators
  • System pages (Converted into Treepl’s format)

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To avoid any additional risks we suggest you allow up to 10% fault in calculations.

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